h2o mop x5 in pakistan

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H2O Mop X5 in Pakistan
What is H2o Mop X5?
H2o Mop X5 is designed to get 5 benefits in one mop such as it works as a handheld steamer, carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, clothes cleaner, and steamer and floor steamer. It works in the following manners and helps to keep your house clean. No need to buy all these things separately now because h2o mop x5 has all the capabilities to serve in all manners. Now get a beautiful shiny floor with the floor steamer of h2o mop x5 in such few minutes and get steamed clothes with its clothes steamer. H2o Mop X5 in Pakistan handheld steamer helps to reach all the tiny and hard to reach places easily and remove dust and other particles that a traditional mop cannot easily get out of such places. Its glass cleaner makes the glass spotless and gives streak-free cleaning. It carpet cleaner helps to remove pet’s odor and stains from the carpet. Now you can get iron clothes by clothes steamer of h2o mop x5 without ironing the wrinkles and creases on clothes with ease. It helps to remove garment odor and stain easily. 
How H2o Mop X5 Works?
H2o Mop X5 works amazingly by providing 5 different services such as floor cleaning, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, clothes steaming, and handheld steaming. These all work in different manners according to their designs like floor cleaner helps to clean the floor by steaming and remove the stain and give the shiny floor. It works amazingly on all kinds of floors such as ceramic, marble, wooden, carpeted, and sealed laminated. It provides a clean and shiny floor in just a few minutes.  The Glass cleaner of H2o Mop X5 Price in Pakistan helps to remove stain from the glass and helps to give streak-free cleaning. It cleans all types of glass surfaces. The clothes steamer helps to steam and clean clothes. This clothes steamer helps to remove creases and wrinkles of clothes without ironing them. Handheld steamer helps to clean all those areas that are tiny and hard to reach; it reaches there and removes all kinds of dust. Carpet Cleaner of H2o Mop x5 helps to clean carpets and rugs and give them their life back. It works in such a way and provides overall home cleaning.
How to use H2o Mop X5?
To use H2o Mop X5 first of all adjust the handle properly by connecting the mop parts by holding the screws together and by spinning the handles then screw the handles until get fully tight to each other and assemble all parts of the Original H2o Mop X5 in Pakistan like this. After assembling the mop you’re ready to use the mop. The heat and steam action removes the dirt on surfaces with the help of its steaming process. The mop is very easy to handle and rotates easily that you do not need to exert extra effort. It can make your cleaning process easy and comfortable. It is great home equipment to have with you at home and cleaning it is also very simple and easy. Get help from the guide given with H2o Mop X5 Steam Cleaner to use it in different ways. To use steamers of h2o Mop X5 fill the water tank first with water attach either the round nylon brush or the round copper brush as explained in the guide then select one of the Steam Regulator positions such as Low, Medium, High or Hot Spray.
You can change the steam output and the steam regulator position during operating the H2o Mop X5 Online in Pakistan. Once it assembled fully and filled with water, plug in the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet. The Red light indicates power will indicate when power is on and Power Switch is in the OFF position (higher position). Wait approximately twenty to thirty seconds for the Ready-to-Use indicator to turn Green. The Greenlight will turn on when the steam mop is ready for use.
Benefits of H2o Mop X5?
H2o Mop X5 helps to serve you in 5 different manners and makes your home cleaning so easy. The benefits of H2o Mop X5 in Pakistan Price are:
► Free of any chemical
► It also helps to polishes the floor and glass
► It has variable steam settings that help to steam in different ways
► It is lightweight and easy to carry
► It sanitizes at the same time while cleaning
► No matter what surface you are cleaning with this mop you never have to worry about streaks because it is streak-free
► This H2o Mop X5 is convenient to use

Price of 1 H2O Mop X5 in Pakistan 8,000/-PKR
Price of 2 H2O Mop X5 in Pakistan 15,000/-PKR

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H2O Mop X5 Price in Pakistan 8,000/-PKR